AMEC has established an Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) in order to provide high level, effective and direct policy input to decision making authorities and relevant agencies.

Terms of Reference

The IWG Terms of Reference is to provide advice and develop policy positions on infrastructure issues affecting, or likely to affect AMEC members throughout Australia, such as:

  • Transport infrastructure (port, road, rail, air)
  • Utility infrastructure (water, energy, waste water treatment, telecommunications)
  • Community infrastructure (health, education, child care, residential housing, serviced land)
  • Access to infrastructure (such as NCC, ACCC, Economic Regulation Authority issues)

AMEC considers that:

  • Coordinated and effective strategic planning for transport, utility and community infrastructure is essential for the mining and exploration sector and should be promoted at every opportunity in order to promote industry growth
  • Provision of essential public services / community infrastructure such as health, education, training and accommodation in remote and regional areas is also a fundamental requirement to encourage employment and support industry growth.

Infrastructure Submissions and Policy Documents

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