All AMEC members have a duty of care for the occupational health, safety and well being of employees, contractors and visitors coming to their operation. Below are details on the AMEC Safety Committee:

Terms of reference

To provide technical advice and develop policy positions on safety issues affecting, or likely to affect AMEC members throughout Australia, such as:

  • Harmonisation of Australia’s national occupational health and safety legislation;
  • Implementation of the WA Government’s Reform and Development at Resources Safety (RADARS) strategy to move WA’s resources sector towards a best practice, risk management safety regime;
  • Development of industry standards (for example the Drilling Code of Practice) and related documents; and
  • Any other relevant issues arising from time to time.

Current committee members:

  • Peta Libby (Chair)
  • Chris Davis
  • Craig Boyle
  • Doug Wilson
  • Chris Verran
  • Rob Watson
  • Keith Ashby
  • John Brereton
  • Shane Entriken
  • Sam Witton
  • Mick Anstey
  • Matt Pilbeam
  • Marco Orunesu Preiata

Safety Submissions and Policy Documents

AMEC Partners

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