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“Today, the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies launched its Western Australian Election Policy Platform,” said Simon Bennison, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Mining and Exploration Companies.

“Industry believes reform is critical to maintain and enhance Western Australia`s position as an attractive jurisdiction for mineral exploration and mining investment.”

“The Platform is focused on increasing Western Australia’s mineral exploration and mining activity, and reducing the costs of doing business.”

“It has identified 19 policy priorities that require attention to make Western Australia more attractive to investment and support further economic growth.”

“AMEC has highlighted the need to remove Mining Regulation 28A, which provides the State with a mechanism to charge a ‘rental’ of 25 cents per tonne of iron ore obtained from a mining lease after 15 years of operation.  This Regulation discriminates against companies who do not have a State Agreement, and is a strong disincentive to invest in this State. It creates uncertainty in view of the proposed $5 per tonne on State Agreement projects, which could be also applied to Mining Act projects.” 

“We are also calling on the Government to reintroduce and pass the Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Bill 2014 in its original form.  We believe that this Bill is a win:win for all stakeholders.”

“Although some steps have been made to improve the approvals process, further work needs to be done to improve efficiency and remove duplication.”

“Other priorities include exempting mineral exploration tenements from Shire rates; exempting mineral exploration transfers from stamp duty; and significant reform of payroll tax.”

“These initiatives will have significant impact on the cost of doing business in the State”

“Mining and mineral exploration is an important part of Western Australia’s economy creating jobs, royalties and revenue streams.  The incoming Western Australian State Government has a critical role in promoting mining and mineral exploration.”

“AMEC’s WA Election Policy Platform identifies how the next Government of Western Australia can facilitate the further growth of mining and mineral exploration,” said Mr Bennison.

Click Here to access the AMEC WA Election 2017 Policy Platform.

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