AMEC NSW Land Access Toolkit for Mineral Exploration

Published on: February 22nd, 2021 10:54 AM

NSW has great mineral potential as well as a popular place to live and work. For mineral explorers in NSW, alternative land users and towns or cities are never far away. With the many land users and activities in NSW, it is critical for mineral explorers to prioritise effective and regular community engagement with key landholders.

AMEC has developed the following tool kit to assist mineral explorers negotiate access:

AMEC GUIDE FOR THE MINERALS INDUSTRY ON LAND ACCESS IN NSW – a ‘how to’ guide for minerals industry representatives on land access in NSW.

AMEC NSW LAND ACCESS ARRANGEMENT TEMPLATE FOR MINERAL EXPLORATION – a clear, plain English template agreement for explorers and landholders to use as a basis to negotiate an agreement.


FACT SHEETS – clear information to support the wider community understand exploration, including:

Access arrangements must always be individually negotiated and tailored to the needs of the landholder, explorer and the exploration program. Note that the AMEC template, guide, fact sheets and other information provide guidance but do not constitute legal advice.