Australia’s mining and mineral exploration industry makes an incredible contribution to our nation’s economy and long-term prosperity.

  • Australia’s export values are forecast to be $280 billion in 2019–20 and made up 58% of goods and services exports in 2018-19.
  • Over 255,000 people are currently employed in the Australian mining industry with workforce numbers still growing.
  • Australia’s mining sector makes up 8.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounted for 35% of the total increase in Australia’s GDP in 2018-19.
  • In 2017/18 Australian mining and exploration companies invested $1.97 billion in mineral exploration to discover the mines of the future and are continues to invest in exploration at record levels.

The industry is also investing in community partnerships and projects across the country, ensuring that the social and community benefits of our industry are shared.

Australia remains one of the world’s leading mining jurisdictions, and one of the best locations for investing in mineral resources. These resources include the minerals used for infrastructure development and energy provision around the world. Australia is also well-placed to meet the growing need for critical minerals, which are essential to high-tech digital technologies and the advanced energy systems of the future.

AMEC Advocacy

At a national level, there are many significant issues that are the responsibility of the Federal Government and Federal Parliament that affect the mining industry. These include, corporate tax and regulation, federal environment legislation, native title legislation and a wide range of national initiatives.

To address these issues AMEC has a number of Standing Committees that look closely at these matters and help the Association to develop positions for advocacy and representation to Federal Government.

AMEC regularly travels to Canberra to meet with Federal Parliamentarians and Federal Ministers to ensure that our members views are well known and are front and centre in the decision-making process.


We have a number of regular National events held throughout the year including our annual dinner and awards. To find out what AMEC events are happening around the country, head to our events page.

AMEC’s Federal work

To find out more about how AMEC is working in the Federal space, contact AMEC head office or click here to download the latest version of our Explorer Newsletter.

AMEC’s Federal Policy Platform

2023 AMEC Federal Policy Platform

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