Mining and Exploration in NT

The mining industry in the Northern Territory in 2020-2021 contributed $4.28 Billion of value to the Gross State Product. This is the second largest contribution to the Territory’s GSP, following ‘public administration and safety’.  However, despite its relative size, the mining industry in the Northern Territory is still remarkably small when compared with other comparable States, and against the scale of prospectivity and opportunity that exists there. Currently, there are only 6 major operating mines in the Territory, with a handful of additional smaller miners in operation, or in care and maintenance.

With careful stewardship, the contribution of the mining and the mineral exploration sector could grow.  The Territory has some of Australia’s largest deposits of uranium, zinc-lead, bauxite, gold, phosphate and manganese.  There are also significant deposits of copper, rare earths, vanadium, lithium, tungsten, salt, mineral sands and potash.

The rocks are in the ground, and with the right regulatory settings, mining could transform the Northern Territory economy. A strong commitment to greenfield mineral exploration in the long term is the key to the Territory making the discoveries needed to build the mines of the future.

Advisory Committee

AMEC has an Advisory Committee in the NT, which supports the framing and delivery of AMEC’s policy approach in the NT. The committee is formed around a core group of members with an investment in mineral exploration and mining in the relevant jurisdiction. AMEC relies on the views and opinions of this group to shape its policy responses to Territory Government and Ministers. The Advisory Committee meets regularly to discuss furthering policy reform and respond to issues affecting the sector.


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AMEC’s work in Northern Territory

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