Mining and exploration in QLD

The minerals exploration sector underpins the sustainability and growth of the mining industry which is considered by many to be the ‘engine room’ of the Australian economy. Queensland is rich in natural resources of metallic and non-metallic minerals and is recognised globally as a leading destination for mining and resources investment. Its diverse geology and massive resource potential place it in the world’s top five regions for the production of lead, bauxite, zinc and silver.

The minerals industry makes a significant contribution to the Queensland economy. Queensland earns royalties from the extraction of coal, base and precious metals, bauxite, petroleum and gas, mineral sands and other minerals.

Representing explorers and miners AMEC works with the Queensland Government to drive exploration, improve international competitiveness, create jobs and attract mining and mineral exploration investment to the State.

Advisory Committee

AMEC has an Advisory Committee in QLD, which supports the framing and delivery of AMEC’s policy approach in QLD. The committee is formed around a core group of members with an investment in mineral exploration and mining in the relevant jurisdiction. AMEC relies on the views and opinions of this group to shape its policy responses to State Government and Ministers. The Advisory Committee meets regularly to discuss furthering policy reform and respond to issues affecting the sector.


We have a number of regular QLD events held throughout the year including sundowners, briefings and seminars. To find out what AMEC events are happening in QLD, head to our events page.

AMEC’s work in Queensland

To find out more about how AMEC is working in Queensland, contact State Director Kate Dickson or click here to download the latest version of our Explorer Newsletter.

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